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I have to say that getting a handjob is one of my favorite things in the world. And depending on the hand job, sometimes I even like it better than sex. There is something about a girl rubbing your cock, that the way I see it, is totally selfless. She's there to do one thing, and one thing only. That's to make sure that she gets you off. This ManoJob site is a great hand job site too. There are like 200 exclusive scenes right now (March 2008). And that's a lot. And one of those exclusive handjob girls is the famous Bree Olson. Did you know she was on that Kardashians show? I just saw a clip recently and I'm going to make a page for it soon. But before I get sidetracked, let's get this Mano page set up for you guys!

SO here Bree is starting out with her lovely handjob movies. She's already topless, these ManoJob guys cut right to the chase which I like a lot, and she's stroking a nice sized cock. But you can tell she's all worked up and can't control her self, so she pops the cock in her mouth for a quick taste / tease. But it comes back out pretty fast and then she spits all over it. The lucky stunt cock grab's Bree's tits and she loves it. She tell him, Squeeze these big ass titties, the whole time looking right into the camera so you can really get into the video. It's like she's talking directly to you.

Bree starting out a handjob 

NO WAIT, There's more Madness Below!!!

Bree is such a naughty girl I LOVE HER. In the second clip she's still on her knees jacking and talking to the camera. After she spits on the cock, she looks right into the camera and says she wants that cock in her asshole. In her tight little asshole. That's enough for me right there, but there is more in this clip. She then goes on to explain how hard she would cum all over this cock, and again the best thing is, she's looking right at you. So she's begging for YOUR cock in her ass. Bree wants to cum hard all over your dick. I have to say this is a hot hot clip. Thanks to ManoJob for letting me show it off on my site.DOWNLOAD THE FULL MOVIE

Bree talking dirty and begging for your cock 

big pic of Bree

Clip 3 finds bree and her stunt cock changing positions. This time Bree is still on her knees, but the stunt cock is on a lazyboy chair. My favorite. And Bree Olson is telling a story in this movie about giving a handjob recently. She was in a club and met a nice man that had filled her full of drinks. After she was filled with drinks, she needed to be filled with something else. But the catch is, the guy was marrired. So he wouldn't have sex with her. I call him a pussy, but for some reason he didn't think getting a handjob was cheating. You know how we are... we can come up with a justifiable reason for getting a handie anytime. So in the clip, Bree is talking about how she was covered in cum and had to run out to the car and clean up. She also talked about how she loves being covered in hot cum. She then looks at the cock infront of her, spits on it and then continues to jack it.

Bree Olson telling a handjob story 
another big pic

WOW!! This movie is awesome. In this one, our favorite girl, BREE OLSON, is looking right into the camera and begging for YOUR cum. It's like she's in the room with you and wants you to dump your hot seed all over her face. I know I would want to. She then start to look back at the guy she's jacking off and begging him for cum too. It's like you and your buddy are ganging up on the hottest porn star in the business. And I'm sure Ms. Olson loves every second of it too. There is no cum shot in this clip, but you can tell it's about to happen.

Bree Olson telling a handjob story

another big pic

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